what sets emerald apart?

full service for your patients – limited costs for you

Patient Segmentation

Emerald segments accounts to resolve accounts efficiently and  ensure the shortest AR lifecycle.

Patient Communication

Emerald improves communication to create better opportunities to collect revenue and increase patient satisfaction.

Patient Convenience

Emerald offers 24/7 service to fulfill the financial needs of patients at a time that is convenient for them.

Patient Satisfaction

Emerald helps our clients achieve their financial goals while focusing on patient satisfaction.

our services come with free access to emerald's portals

24/7 Patient Portal Access

Patients can view an itemized list of charges, update their contact information, contact our office, or simply pay online.

Patient Portal for Bad Debt Recovery, Patient Billing and Collections

Client Portal with Real-time Access

Emerald’s Portal is a robust communication platform that gives clients full access to your client database with real-time data. Emerald’s Client Portal gives clients access to robust reporting, billing statements, convenient account search features and multi user access.